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Interdict: The Post-Empyrean Age is a classic-style dungeon crawler similar to Wizardry I-V, Might and Magic I & II, and the Etrian Odyssey series. You will create a party of characters and guide them through dangerous labyrinths filled with enemies to battle in turn-based combat, treasures to find, and mysteries to uncover. 

However, Interdict also incorporates significant roguelike elements: most of the game's content is procedurally generated each time you play, the resources available to your party are scarce, and looming over your quest is the threat of "permawipe". Individual characters who die may be revived, but if your party is wiped out, your game is over and you must restart from the beginning, with nothing carrying over from previous attempt.


In Interdict, you play as a group of six prisoners who have been awakened from their forced slumber to find their memories gone and the world shattered.

Starting with only improvised equipment, and barely any memory of what skills they may have once possessed, your party must escape their prison, discover what happened to the world, and whether or not it may yet be restored.

Battles with foes will be frequent and dangerous, but you will confront them with characters of your own design: there are no classes to hold you back. Any character may use any item or learn any skill, they need only train to meet the requirements, and their training is entirely up to you.

Your party's outfitting is also under your control. You can upgrade or craft more of any equipment you find, but the resources needed to do so are finite and few. Will you prioritize weapons, armor, or magical relics? Will you focus on making powerful equipment for one or two to utilize, or spread your resources evenly to make plenty of basic gear for everyone?

These decisions, and more, are entirely yours to make. Your party's success or failure lies in your hands.


  • The current version allows the first two dungeons to be fully explored, providing roughly 7 to 14 hours of gameplay.
  • Even in this early version, over 130 skills and 160 items are waiting to be found. 
  • More than 950 possible enemies can be generated, giving each game a unique bestiary to test your party against.  (If Elite and Champion variants are counted, more than 30,000 possibilities exist!)
  • A 39 page PDF manual is included for old times' sake.

7/10/2024 Version Highlights

  • Several balance adjustments have been made to make the game a bit more forgiving in the beginning levels when parties are still getting their feet under them.
  • Reduced the diminishing returns on Evade to make it (as well as the Dodge, Deflect, and Block actions that greatly boost it) a bit more reliable.
  • Mobile enemy groups now are moved a distance away from you if you escape from them in combat, preventing situations where it was possible to be 'trapped' by monsters your party could not defeat.
  • Several other bug fixes, balance adjustments, and quality of life changes have been made as well; see the included change log for details.
  • Note: During this early phase of development, save file compatibility between updates is not assured. 6/28/2024 save files are not compatible with 7/10/2024. Please finish your game in the 6/28/2024 version, or start a new game in 7/10/2024.

AI Generated Content Notice

Interdict uses sprites and textures based off assets generated with Stable Diffusion 1.5 and other models. Interdict also uses music generated with Soundraw. Further details are available in the credits which are accessible from the title screen.


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