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In Demon, you play as a Summoner who has donned one of several relics capable of binding and summoning demons. But in return, each relic compels its bearer to enter a mysterious tower from which no Summoners seem to return...

Starting with only a few meager powers and a weak demon ally bound to your relic, you must climb the tower, recruiting stronger demons and learning new skills in order to survive.

Though each relic is powerful, they still have limits: They only allow you to command - not directly control - the demons you encounter, and the powers you can acquire from these allies will never eclipse those of the mightiest demons within the tower. Without powerful, well-chosen allies and clever use of the abilities learned from them, there will be no chance of survival...


(specifics on content amounts reflect current content as of 7/26/2017, not final goals)

  • The 23 floor tower awaits you, its layout generated anew each game.
  • Over 130 different demons to recruit and summon as allies.
  • More than 540 different abilities you and your demon allies can learn.
  • Rich, detailed in-game descriptions drawn from real world mythology for each demon.

7/15/2017 Update Highlights

  • Newly expanded command functionality: you can now cancel previous orders given to your allies, and can also order attackers to focus on a specific target while allies without attack abilities continue to provide support. More commands will be added in future builds.
  • Some bug fixes to the new status display and AI improvements from the previous build.

System Requirements

Demon runs on Windows XP SP2+, Mac OS X 10.8+, and Ubuntu 12.04+. For more details, please review the system requirements for Unity 5.


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Are you still working on this? I played it quite some time, and I really like it !

I am! :D It's just been going slower since I became employed full time again. :D I usually post on my devblog much more than here, you can follow what's going on there: http://demon.ferretdev.org/devblog/

Small bug fix build released that addresses a bug with AI healers sometimes failing to heal the player properly,  a bug I did not want hanging around until the next full build to be sure. Enjoy!

New build released! This one is mostly bug fixes and clean up, but it does also include the beginnings of expanding the commands available to demons, including the ability to only order demons with aggressive abilities to focus fire (rather than the old method, which also made your healing and buffing demons move in to attack.) Enjoy!


Is it possible to play this at full screen, even with black borders to fill the space i don't mind, but i dislike having a floating window on my screen ?

Any 2x zoom somewhere ?

I only played less than one hour but it seem quite interesting, so far, and the GUI is well done.

I'm on Linux if it matters.

Hi, and thanks for trying Demon! I'm glad you're finding it interesting!

You should be able to enter full screen mode using F11 once you're in the main game (dungeon view.) Unfortunately, there is not a zoom mode at the moment however. 

Let me know if I can answer any other questions, and thanks again :D

Ah yes, F11 is going full in main game, not in menus. Issue is it's going fully fullscreen, so it's stretched because common screen size have different ratio than your game's window one (1920x1080 seems to be about 60% of the players choice in 2017, more or less depending on sources). Any way to add black borders to fit any ratio and keep the game pretty ?

Hmm... I'll look into that and see what I can do. Thank you for letting me know there's an issue with it!

Hi, any news on this ?

Ah, sorry! I didn't catch this all the way down here: Itch doesn't seem to notify me about replies apparently. :( I only finally happened to glance down past the top of the list and see this one just now.

This issue is still on the bug fix list, but with apologies, I don't have an ETA on a fix at the moment. It's not a crash/data loss sort of bug; those are usually the only ones I interrupt the build schedule for (especially when things are moving slowly, as they are at the moment since I've been slammed at work since July.)

I apologize again for what probably isn't a satisfying (and is definitely a late) answer. The best I can tell you is that I haven't forgotten about it (indeed, it has been reported a second time by another user a couple of week ago.) and will fix it when time permits.

Ooof. Well, maybe THIS will be the last bug fix build for the 6/24 release. Fixed bugs with Poison+ and Poison++ and the Inner Fire ability.

6/25b fixes another, different, but equally vexing lock-up bug. Apologies for the rough release everyone!

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Whoops. :) Small hang-up bug that snuck into 6/24. Fixed in 6/25. :D

New build released, including a whole pile of UI improvements and bug fixes, most notably icon-based status effect displays to make it easier to keep track of what's going on in combat. Enjoy!

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Hey, small question, how are you generating seeds for each map/playthrough?
if its name and ability based then attempts can be shared right?

Also recorded attempt number 2, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgOOq_ypaxs&t=25s

Demon doesn't have a seed sharing setup at the moment, unfortunately. :(

I saw the video this morning, but didn't have time to watch before work. I will check it out tonight when I get home though. :D Thank you again for posting these. :)

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Just uploading and sorting life out though, will be recording a few attempts over a few months :3

Will/Have you considered making starting relics/ablilities unlockable rather then everything available in the beginning?

Oh, awesome. :D I always love seeing LPs of Demon! If they're on YouTube, I can link them on the devblog too. But, the video you linked is currently private :P

Re: Unlockable relics, I've thought about it a little! If I did do unlockables with the starter relics, I'd probably handle it like the Demonic Compendium: you'd have the option of just playing with everything, whether you had them unlocked or not, or you could run it with just what you'd unlocked. :) I'm usually in the "I want all the gameplay options now" camp myself, but I know there are definitely folks who like unlock-based systems too, because it makes things simpler for them while they're still learning by reducing the options that need to be considered, because it gives other goals to shoot for during gameplay, or both.

Ok attempt is now public and sorted, youtube was being funny about the video. Are there more demons or just those in available at the start plus trait ones? Also redcaps are so hateful and never seem worth recuiting.

Cool! :D I'll check it out when I get home tonight!

In the current version, there are over 110 different recruitable demons (this does not include variants due to random traits that can modify them.) Red Caps are a bit tough to convince to join you, but their free action self Accuracy buff and early ranged attack (even if it is only throwing rocks) are kinda handy.

Annnndd as is becoming distressingly more common, uploaded a 1/7/2017 build which fixes a moderate-sized bug that prevented enemy demons from spending stat points gained from leveling. :P Apologies for the error, and enjoy!

1/6/2017 build has been released! Enjoy! :D

Uploaded a 12/12/2016 build that fixes a few bugs. :) Apologies for the errors, and good luck in the Tower. :D

12/11/2016 build is live! Enjoy, and good luck!

Happy UI upgrades are happy. :) Enjoy the 10/13/2016 build everyone. :D

9/18/2016 build for ARRP 2016 is released! Enjoy, and good luck in the Tower!

Great to see Demon itch! Congrats, Ferret!

Thanks. :D