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In Demon, you play as a Summoner who has donned one of several relics capable of binding and summoning demons. But in return, each relic compels its bearer to enter a mysterious tower from which no Summoners seem to return...

Starting with only a few meager powers and a weak demon ally bound to your relic, you must climb the tower, recruiting stronger demons and learning new skills in order to survive.

Though each relic is powerful, they still have limits: They only allow you to command - not directly control - the demons you encounter, and the powers you can acquire from these allies will never eclipse those of the mightiest demons within the tower. Without powerful, well-chosen allies and clever use of the abilities learned from them, there will be no chance of survival...


(specifics on content amounts reflect current content as of 9/18/2016, not final goals)

  • The 20 floor tower awaits you, its layout generated anew each game.
  • Over 110 different demons to recruit and summon as allies.
  • More than 370 different abilities you and your demon allies can learn.
  • Rich, detailed in-game descriptions drawn from real world mythology for each demon.

1/6/2017 Update Highlights

  • Codex Daemonium: Demon now keeps track of every demon you have ever recruited! Depending on your option settings, the Codex Daemonium will show every demon your current character has recruited, every demon any character has recruited, or it can even simply show every demon there is if you'd like to peek ahead!
  • Online/Offline Mode Toggle: By popular demand, it is now possible to disable online features. You can access this functionality in the options menu by pressing '-' during the game. (Note: Does not disable Unity-level functionality, see https://unity3d.com/legal/privacy-policy for more details.)
  • Adjusted corpses: fewer "nothing found" results, much more dangerous non-Relic Wraith encounters, and Enemy Sense now warns you when searching a corpse will trigger an enemy encounter.
  • Various other balance adjustments and bug fixes.

System Requirements

Demon runs on Windows XP SP2+, Mac OS X 10.8+, and Ubuntu 12.04+. For more details, please review the system requirements for Unity 5.


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Annnndd as is becoming distressingly more common, uploaded a 1/7/2017 build which fixes a moderate-sized bug that prevented enemy demons from spending stat points gained from leveling. :P Apologies for the error, and enjoy!

1/6/2017 build has been released! Enjoy! :D

Uploaded a 12/12/2016 build that fixes a few bugs. :) Apologies for the errors, and good luck in the Tower. :D

12/11/2016 build is live! Enjoy, and good luck!

Happy UI upgrades are happy. :) Enjoy the 10/13/2016 build everyone. :D

9/18/2016 build for ARRP 2016 is released! Enjoy, and good luck in the Tower!

Great to see Demon itch! Congrats, Ferret!

Thanks. :D